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Are you looking to get involved with iMAGINE in the Upstate, Rock Hill, or Greenwood? It takes a big team of people to make the program truly meaningful! If you are looking to stay informed, volunteer or learn more about partnering with iMAGINE, we will find a way to get YOU involved.

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Exhibits & Stage Shows


Exhibits & Stage Shows

Experience STEAM in the Streets with hands-on learning, interactive activities and live demonstrations from more than 30 exhibitors. All activities are free, and aim to inspire students to iMAGINE their future.
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Exhibit: 3
Ever wanted to know how to program a robot? We'll show you how using mBots! You'll be able to control its path and direction using an electronic device. For the artists, you'll be able to design and create your very own jewelry. Also, using you chromatography and engineering skills, create and design circuit flowers or circuit bugs.
Exhibit: 4
We're bringing the farm to you! Go for a virtual ride in the combine cab to see and hear how SC's farmers harvest a variety of crops.
Exhibit: 6
Come experience art and engineering activities created by the teachers and students of Oakdale STEAM Elementary School.
Exhibit: 7
What is solar energy? When you visit SC Energy Office's booth you'll learn about solar energy and its benefits using a solar/battery combination kit. You'll also have the chance to explore alternative fuels for transportation!
Exhibit: 9
Integrated Production Technology is the newest Pathway of Study offered to high school students in Rock Hill Schools at the Applied Technology Center. Current students will demonstrate projects on 2 Dremel 3D printers and showcase and demonstrate their very own DC Motor Inventions to show attendees how energy and power are created! Behind our booth, you can visit the rat rods that were built by our high school students.
Exhibit: 10
Come experience activities created by the teachers and students of South Pointe High School. Activities will range from engineering and computer science to clean energy.
Exhibit: 11
Natural gas is a simple hydrocarbon found deep underground in porous rock. The energy formed millions of years ago when tiny sea plants and animals were buried by sand and rock. As sediments built up the heat and matter formed into petroleum and natural gas. Natural gas molecules migrate from the source rock into more porous areas until they escape. Come explore this process further with you visit York County Natural Gas Authority! Behind our exhibit you can visit one of our vehicles in the Touch-a-Truck area.
Exhibit: 13
Visit the Touch-A-Truck Connected to STEAM careers area to see vehicles that are used for STEAM careers or built by students at the Applied Technology Center.
Exhibit: 14
Just how does electricity get to your home? Why do some things work just fine and other things in your home may not work when plugged in? Visit our exhibit to learn about electricity! Check out our energy sticks to experiment with electricity and its importance. Near our booth in the Touch-A-Truck area, we will have an electric car and a bucket truck used by our employees.
Exhibit: 15

Come experiment with the senses.

Feel it - Use chemistry to make slimy, gunky, and colorful works of are.

Hear it - Learn about the science behind sounds we hear and make.

See it - observe changes in stages of matter, chemical reactions and interactions.

Exhibit: 17
Science and art combine in this fun-filled hands-on exploration of electricity and current. Use simple and complex circuits to brighten someone s day with a heartfelt card. Handcraft your own radiant jewelry. You can even illuminate your own one-of-a-kind sculpture. Light up your imagination!
Exhibit: 18
Come experience early childhood, biology, and chemistry activities with Winthrop University.
Exhibit: 19
Never get lost again! Make your very own compass with just a paperclip, a cup of water, and piece of foam.
Exhibit: 22
We have activities for all ages! Come create dinosaur footprints (early childhood), make physics tests with carsmade of recycled materials (3rd-8th), and explore the intersection of engineering and art with scribbleBots (all ages).
Exhibit: 23
Have you ever wondered how tape sticks? Come try your hand at making adhesives with Coroplast Tape Coropration! We will also have different types of adhesives that are being produced in our plant. All chemicals and materials will be safe to handle.
Exhibit: 24
Come have some coffee samples and see virtual reality capabilities with a VR headset & 360 degree videos from coffee farms.
Exhibit: 27
What happens to your recycling when it leaves your house? Come see behind the scenes at how your cans and bottles go from your bin to our facilities to actually get recycled.
Exhibit: 29
Try matching the invention created from nature with the nature that inspired it. Create your own catapult from simple materials or try to stack pennies using the property of surface tension.
Exhibit: 30
Discover the York County Library's virtual library resources through a fun gadget bar!
Exhibit: 33
Explore how your brain talks to your body! Race to put pegs in our pegboard as fast as you can to to see who wins the competition of fastest hands! Learn how your brain processes what you hear when you try our auditory word game, and take on our proprioception challenge to see which side of your brain runs your body!
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