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Are you looking to get involved with iMAGINE Upstate, Catawba, or Lakelands? It takes a big team of people to make the program truly meaningful! If you are looking to stay informed, volunteer or learn more about partnering with iMAGINE, we will find a way to get YOU involved.


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Our commitment to STEM education extends far beyond the classroom. We want to engage the entire family on the STEM topic and turn parents into STEM Superheroes. Bringing The Bosch Experience to iMAGINE is the perfect partnership for Bosch. The festival is highly engaging, well organized and a must visit for families.
Brad McKenna
Corporate Citizenship
Robert Bosch LLC

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Education, particularly the disciplines of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM), is a foundational component of success in the 21st century and crucial for society’s ability to innovate, problem-solve, and compete. Fluor supports community-wide initiatives such as the iMAGINE Upstate STEAM Festival that aim to inspire and encourage the next generation of engineers, constructors, and leaders in finding creative solutions to problems – big or small – that are critical to the development of our next generation’s workforce.
Cheryl Wiggins
Senior Manager, Community and Public Affairs

Duke Energy has been proud to support iMAGINE Upstate since its inception and truly believe that gatherings like this are what help to foster an early interest in STEM careers and cultivate our workforce of tomorrow.
Amanda Dow
Stakeholder Philanthropy Manager
Duke Energy

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The Children's Museum of the Upstate is delighted to be an ongoing partner of iMAGINE Upstate. iMAGINE Upstate is an extraordinary event that brings together families from all walks of life and we look forward to participating each year. The Children’s Museum’s mission is "to ignite a passion for curiosity and learning through play." We believe that Imagine Upstate is the perfect opportunity for us to share what we do best while expanding our reach to the thousands of families that attend the festival. STEM learning is a priority for TCMU and we are honored to be invited to participate in the festival alongside the very best businesses and educational resources that the Upstate has to offer. A huge THANK YOU to the staff and volunteers that make iMAGINE Upstate possible!
Nancy Halverson
Executive Director
The Children's Museum of the Upstate

Our youth, the workforce of tomorrow, must have the opportunity to explore and engage in STEM education. One thing we know for certain about this current generation is that they learn and work differently than generations before, therefore Michelin supports multiple STEM initiatives across the state such as the Upstate STEM Collaborative and iMAGINE Upstate. The festival combines STEM education with hands-on experiences for students to see first-hand how dynamic a career in advanced manufacturing can be.
Leesa Owens
Director of State, Local Government & Community Relations
Michelin North America

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Lockheed Martin is committed to supporting programs that educate and inspire tomorrow’s scientists, technologists, engineers and mathematicians. By partnering with organizations like iMAGINE Upstate, we are able to bring these critical fields to life in a fun and creative way for students, educators, and parents to help ensure our community has enough STEM professionals to meet the workforce challenges ahead.
Leslie Farmer
Greenville Site & Field Team Operations
Lockheed Martin Communications

As an exhibitor at the iMAGINE Upstate Festival, AFL offers children across the area a unique opportunity to learn about fiber optics – something that is more behind the scenes than is seen in everyday life. We are engaging students and parents by demonstrating the science behind how light works, how light flows through glass fiber and “communicates” – breaking down complex ideas to make them accessible to young learners. We hope we are stirring their imaginations and showcasing how fun STEM is and can be! iMAGINE Upstate provides exposure for students to discover how STEM-related activities translate to manufacturing jobs in the Upstate. We hope this excites them to pursue studies and careers in STEM!
Corie Culp
Community & Public Relations Manager

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iMAGINE is a program of South Carolina’s Coalition for Mathematics & Science (SCCMS) at Clemson University.

The College of Engineering, Computing and Applied Sciences
The College of Engineering, Computing and Applied Sciences
The College of Engineering, Computing and Applied Sciences is creating a rich environment for students to develop not only excellent technical skills but also a broad set of abilities that position them as the intellectual leaders of tomorrow.
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SC's Coalition for Mathematics and Science
SC's Coalition for Mathematics and Science
An alliance of partnering organizations and initiatives working together everywhere that STEM matters to address STEM education challenges in our State through partnerships, advocacy and public engagement.
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Upstate SC STEM Collaborative
Upstate SC STEM Collaborative
The central mission of the Upstate SC STEM Collaborative is to pursue opportunities and possibilities in STEM education to promote workforce development in the Upstate region of South Carolina.
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